Blog posts from January, 2015

What Social Media Mistakes Are You Making?

January 19, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

Not all manufacturers have gotten involved in social media marketing. As social media becomes more important for company growth and industry leadership, though, it is imperative that manufacturing marketing catches up. Do a gut check of your social media activity with the following social media mistakes you may not realize you’re making: #1. Not being on social media Whether your manufacturing company does not have social media profiles or it does not use the ones it does have, this is the greatest social media mistake. A strong social presence is important to the success of every company, no matter its industry. Social media is an ideal place to meet your audience where they are at and provide helpful information. YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook are the best places to start for manufacturing marketing. But, don’t underestimate the potential of more niche options such as Pinterest and Instagram, especially if your products are visually pleasing. #2. Talking at your audience, not with your audience You should be making conversation on each of your social profiles. Though your intended customers may be on social media, they’re likely not there to see sales pitch-type content on their newsfeed. This is not the type of

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Digital vs. Traditional Ads: Where Manufacturers Should Focus

January 06, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

Using your advertising budget well can make or break your 2015 marketing efforts. Deciding whether or not to focus on traditional advertisement or digital advertisement can be confusing. Recent studies show that both still hold value. But, overall digital ads seem to be taking the lead despite mixed results. A recent Adroit Digital polling showed that 36% of millennial smartphone users felt that digital ads are more effective than traditional advertising. On the other hand, 28% of millennials felt the advertising types were equal. These close percentages shows mixed feelings about the competition between traditional and digital advertising. Of course, the effectiveness of different kinds of advertising depends heavily on your target audience. If millennials are not your target audience, perhaps your advertising efforts will see a different result. Additionally, further research from the poll indicates that digital advertising is more effective, despite how millennials may feel about it. The Adroit Digital polling showed that television ads were the only form of traditional advertising that actually beat digital ads in effectiveness. There are many factors that contribute to TV advertising effectiveness. TV ads are often visually catchy but normally do not instigate a purchase. Plus, the audience may be forced

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