Blog posts from June, 2014

MAGNET Program Offers Internship and Work Based Learning Opportunities

June 30, 2014 by MAGNET Ohio

MAGNET has partnered with area colleges to provide employers with highly qualified interns with skills in engineering, design, marketing, accounting and IT are now available. MAGNET has also partnered with local career technical programs to offer high school students a work-based learning experience in advanced manufacturing related to their program of study. Participating employers have found this to be a very beneficial program and a great way to be part of the skills gap solution and develop the future workforce. Benefits to your company • Fill your talent pipeline • Improve your productivity • Participate in a proven, cost effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees Assistance in the Process If you are new to internships and work-based learning, MAGNET will help you identify opportunities in your company and develop a process that includes writing a job description, recruiting the right candidate and tips on managing the internship process. Get Involved For more information and to request an intern contact MAGNET at or email Diane Rossa at

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Digital Strategies for Your Next Product Launch

June 10, 2014 by MAGNET Ohio

Did you know that 66% of new products will fail within two years? According to Booz & Company research, this is true. A successful new product launch strategy can help you ensure that your new product doesn’t fail. In addition to traditional marketing strategies you’ve used for years, digital strategies are more important than ever. Here’s how to use digital marketing to help launch your new product. Website Strategies First you’ll need to find out what people are searching for and what keywords apply to your new product to get the maximum results from search engine optimization (SEO). When creating content for your website, insert these keywords naturally within the content. Outside of creating a new product page on your website, here are some other website strategies to use: Graphics on your homepage Blog post(s) Product videos Pay-Per-Click Advertising Strategies Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising involves ads that show up in search engine results. These ads are exactly what they sound like- you pay for the ad each time someone clicks on it. PPC is perfect for a new product launch because it can provide much faster results than SEO. You can quickly start getting traffic to your new product pages within

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The Incubator at MAGNET Creates a New Service Program and Names Tom Lix as Entrepreneur-In-Residence

June 03, 2014 by MAGNET Ohio

The Incubator at MAGNET has created a new service—an onsite, product-focused Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) and named Tom Lix, founder and Chairman of Cleveland Whiskey, to serve as its first EIR. The EIR is a seasoned, "been there, done that" coach and mentor for current Incubator tenants and will also serve a resource for prospective entrepreneurs throughout Northeast Ohio. The Incubator at MAGNET helps entrepreneurs and new companies with high growth potential focused on producing engineered products.  As EIR, Lix will provide subject matter expertise on product entrepreneurship, offering assistance on designing, engineering and commercializing technology in an engineered product or process. The EIR will be chosen from the Incubator’s roster of later-stage market-successful tenants with a new EIR being named every few years to take advantage of the expertise of the Incubator’s most dynamic tenants. "Tom Lix is a serial entrepreneur and has been the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Lake Erie College as well as an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Lake Erie. He was the founder and president of two different software start-ups, both resulting in acquisition," said MAGNET Director of Entrepreneurial Services Davey Crain. For the past four years, Lix’s latest company, Cleveland Whiskey LLC, has

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