Blog posts from May, 2014

How to Promote Innovation on Your Website

May 28, 2014 by MAGNET Ohio

Innovation is the backbone of every successful manufacturing company. It helps your business stand out from the competition, as well as continue to grow and prosper. If your company has a culture of innovation, it’s time to tell the world what you’re doing. Your website is a great way to promote the innovative projects you’ve worked on, as well as the innovative solutions you provide. Case Studies Case studies are a tried and true way for manufacturing companies to show what they’ve done. Sharing success stories in the form of case studies on your website can prove to potential customers that you have the ability to solve challenges like theirs. In addition, these case studies highlight the innovative solutions you provide in order to solve these challenges. Testimonials Think about your most successful and innovative projects and reach out to those happy customers. Testimonials don’t need to be paragraphs long. Just a brief sentence or two will work. And if you find that you have difficulty getting testimonials from customers, consider offering them an incentive for providing a testimonial or write the testimonial for them and let them edit it to their liking. Custom Projects Custom project work is a

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How to Maximize ROI of Your Next Tradeshow

May 13, 2014 by MAGNET Ohio

For manufacturers, tradeshows are often a popular sales, marketing and branding effort. However, attending and exhibiting at tradeshows can be expensive. The costs for tradeshow banners, booths, displays, employee time, travel, and more, can add up so quickly that your boss might ask you if the cost of it was worth it. "21 (+2) Tips to Maximize Your Manufacturing Tradeshow ROI" is the newest whitepaper from Fathom. This whitepaper preps you with everything you need to do months in advance, during and after the tradeshow to ensure a great return on your investment. In the whitepaper, you’ll find tips for: Creating press releases How to promote the tradeshow on your company’s website How to get and promote videos Creating pay-per-click campaigns Working with the media Coordinating with your internal marketing team What to give away at your booth How to follow up post-show with emails Tips for tweeting at tradeshows and conferences And more. Get the inside scoop on how to make the most of your tradeshow experience. Download your copy of the whitepaper.

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May 12, 2014 by MAGNET Ohio

MAGNET and WIRE- Net are partnering on a program aimed at manufacturers with up to 150 employees that are seeking to grow.  If you’re a manufacturer in that employee range having trouble tackling the issues preventing your business from growing and achieving your goals, learn how the combination of MAGNET’s PRISM initiative and WIRE-Net’s Growth Accelerator initiative can help you.  Contact clare.crawford at

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