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MAGNET Incubator Tenant Named Most Interesting Person

January 16, 2014 by MAGNET Ohio

In the January 2014 issue of Cleveland Magazine, you may see a name that we’ve mentioned before…Tom Lix! The CEO and founder of Cleveland Whiskey, who also happens to be one of our incubator tenants.  Lix came to MAGNET (The Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network) in 2009 for help making his "radical idea" of a faster aging whiskey come to life.  Lix’s unique method of aging whiskey applies large amounts of pressure to force the alcohol through the pores of barrel wood, which gives whiskey its flavor and only takes about a week to make as compared to a decade or so like the other stuff. "I’m not that patient," says Lix with a grin. So Lix began work with the MAGNET Product Design & Development team to come up with a robust system to produce this "radically different" whiskey in Cleveland, Ohio. They decided to called it "Cleveland Whiskey" and their Black Bourbon started hitting beverage stores in March 2013. (To find out more about Cleveland Whiskey and their involvement with MAGNET, click here.) We always knew Tom Lix was an interesting person, and we are happy to see we are not the only ones! Looking for Product Design &

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