Blog posts from October, 2012

MAGNET's PRISM Program Gets a Boost from Four Local Educational Institutions

October 15, 2012 by MAGNET Ohio

At a news conference held on October 9, 2012, MAGNET announced that it has signed cooperative agreements with Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, Lorain County Community College and the University of Akron that will enable small to mid-size manufacturers in Northeast Ohio to gain easier access to the research capabilities, hard assets and world-class knowledge and technological capabilities based at those four institutions of higher learning. The agreements commit these organizations to further economic development in the region by helping manufacturers pursue innovative growth strategies through MAGNET’s Partnership for Regional Innovation Services to Manufacturers (PRISM) program. "PRISM is designed to assist small to medium-size manufacturers grow and create jobs by helping them take full advantage of the many assets and resources in the region, such as the knowledge, assets and power of the four schools here today who have signed on to partner with MAGNET’s PRISM program," said MAGNET President and Chief Executive Officer Daniel E. Berry. "It is our goal to augment the unique capabilities of Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, Lorain County Community College and the University of Akron with the many assets available at other colleges and universities throughout the region. We believe

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Alternatives to Screw Connections That Won't Kill Your Tooling Budget

October 05, 2012 by MAGNET Ohio

Screws are ugly…cap covers to hide screws are uglier.  There are many options for eliminating the need for screw connections in an injection molded part assembly.  Unfortunately, most will send your tooling budget through the roof.  Slides are often used to create snap connections that are completely hidden once the parts are assembled making a very clean, nice looking finished assembly.  This type of connection is used often in mass market electronics such as cell phones where the volumes make the increased investment acceptable.  For lower volume products, the higher investment is harder to swallow because it cuts into your profits.  Here are some options for clean snap or press fits that can be achieved without adding slides to your tools. Snap options – if the housing does not need to be completely closed, then snaps can be incorporated without slides.  Small openings will be visible on the outside of the parts where undercuts for the snaps need to be formed.  With some planning and industrial design work, the openings can be hidden in plain sight by integrating them into the part’s aesthetics. Press Fits – Round bosses pressed into hexagonal holes can offer very good holding power without any

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Out of Your Mind and Into Your Hands with Rapid Prototyping

October 04, 2012 by MAGNET Ohio

Rapid prototyping technology machines print physical models from virtual designs.   These machines layer materials in to super tiny layers-anywhere from about .0006 – .01 inches thick! The benefit to this type of fabrication is that it’s inexpensive for producing small quantities of a model- typically for testing the fit, form, and function. "You want to get the idea out of your head and in to your hand as quickly as possible," says Dave Pierson, Senior Design Engineer for MAGNET. "These rapid prototyping machines make that possible." Before these high tech machines, engineers would model these objects on their computer and hope when the parts got made that they worked properly and everything fit together like they envisioned. "I can print something and check and make sure it is perfect before it even gets made at the machine shop," Pierson says. "I could never go back to design work without these machines." MAGNET’s Product Design Studio features a rapid prototyping center with both a fused deposition modeling (FDM) station and a 3D Objet printer. To learn more about MAGNET’s Rapid Prototyping visit our Product Design & Development website.

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