Blog posts from June, 2011

CBS News Report: Manufacturing recovery in Northeast Ohio

June 28, 2011 by MAGNET Ohio

In the wake of President Obama’s announcement about his administration’s Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, CBS News reporter Dean Reynolds reports from Astro Manufacturing in Willoughby, Ohio. Astro Manufacturing V.P. Rich Petersen takes him on a tour and describes the company’s strong position in precision manufacturing for the medical device industry.

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President Obama announces $500-million investment in Advanced Manufacturing Partnership

June 24, 2011 by MAGNET Ohio

Pittsburgh, June 24, 2011—Today, at Carnegie Mellon University, President Obama launched the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP), a national effort bringing together industry, universities, and the federal government to invest in the emerging technologies that will create high quality manufacturing jobs and enhance our global competitiveness. Investing in technologies, such as information technology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, will support the creation of good jobs by helping U.S. manufacturers reduce costs, improve quality, and accelerate product development. The President’s plan, which leverages existing programs and proposals, will invest more than $500 million to jumpstart this effort. "Today, I’m calling for all of us to come together- private sector industry, universities, and the government- to spark a renaissance in American manufacturing and help our manufacturers develop the cutting-edge tools they need to compete with anyone in the world," said President Obama. "With these key investments, we can ensure that the United States remains a nation that ‘invents it here and manufactures it here’ and creates high-quality, good paying jobs for American workers." (Read more…) Related documents: White House Press Release: President Obama Launches Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, June 24, 2011 Full text of the President’s June 24, 2011 remarks in Pittsburgh Archived video of the President’s

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Annual survey recognizes Ohio excellence in manufacturing and logistics

June 22, 2011 by MAGNET Ohio

According to Ball State University’s annual Manufacturing and Logistics Report Card, Ohio is one of only two states to earn both an "A" grade in manufacturing and logistics. Indiana also earned an "A" grade in both industries. The manufacturing rating is based on total income earned by manufacturing employees in a given state, the wage premium received by manufacturing employees relative to those of other states and the per capita share of manufacturing employment. The logistics rating is based on the share of total logistics industry income as a share of total state income and the employment per capita. In announcing the report’s results, the Ohio Business Development Coalition interviewed MAGNET’s President and CEO, Dan Berry, who said: "As globalization, technology and innovation reshape our economy, some of the greatest opportunities for economic growth in Ohio lie in manufacturing," said Daniel Berry, president and CEO of the Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network, a Cleveland-based economic development group aimed at helping manufacturers in Ohio become more competitive and grow. "We are looking for opportunities to build on the strengths of our industrial heritage that’s highlighted in the Ball State University report by connecting these capabilities with future manufacturing needs in technology-driven

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Continuous Improvement Part 4: Methods and Tools

June 21, 2011 by MAGNET Ohio

Mike O'Donnell is a Senior Consultant for MAGNET Client Services               For a continuous improvement project to be effective and sustainable, it requires a systems approach involving the entire organization. Management should guide the organization in four fundamental areas to ensure success: Purpose: maximizing customer value Process: continually improving speed and defects for factory and office People: involving people in improving the process, providing knowledge and tools Sustainable culture: encouraging change, communicating success and results Methods and Tools—FAQ’s Improvement methods and tools can be used in all industries. There is not one right tool for all problems. Rather, the right tool for each job is based on the nature of the problem to be solved. A sage once said "To a hammer, all problems look like a nail." Following are eight definitions of important methods and tools for manufacturers, in the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) format. Questions What are the Problem Solving Tools (Seven Basic Quality Tools)? What is Lean? What is Six Sigma? What is the synergy between Lean and Six Sigma? What is the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program? What is ISO/TS/AS? How can I determine the best approach to solving a problem?

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Obama embraces the Manufacturing Institute NAM-Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification System

June 16, 2011 by MAGNET Ohio

On June 8, President Obama announced the goal of credentialing 500,000 community college students with skills certifications aligned to manufacturers’ hiring needs. One of the initiatives Obama believes is a pathway to reach this goal is the  NAM Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification System. This system is currently being piloted in Northeast Ohio through a Gates Foundation grant that was awarded to the NAM’s Manufacturing Institute.  MAGNET has been working with Lorain County Community College to implement the certification system in Northeast Ohio and with the Ohio Board of Regents and Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to pilot it in other regions of the state. The system supports the integration of nationally portable, industry-recognized credentials into high school, community college, and university programs of study. NAM has partnered with ACT, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, the American Welding Society, the National Institute of Metalworking Skills, and the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council in this endeavor. Once again, the need and demand for a skilled workforce makes the headlines and once again the mismatch between the unemployed and underemployed and what our manufacturing employers require are brought to the forefront. Recently, this quandary was highlighted in Manpower’s annual global survey revealing

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President Obama highlights industry-led skills training effort

June 09, 2011 by MAGNET Ohio

President Barack Obama visited Northern Virginia Community College on Wednesday, June 8, to spotlight the industry-led, public-private effort to create a coordinated training program to prepare workers for advanced manufacturing jobs. The effort, led by the National Association of Manufacturer’s non-profit educational arm The Manufacturing Institute, is called "The Manufacturing Skills Certification System." Here are links to some of the media coverage of the event: Obama promotes job training as economic imperative, AP via Cleveland Plain Dealer, June 8, 2011 Alexandria, Va.—During a speech at a Northern Virginia Community College campus on Wednesday, President Obama highlighted the expansion of an industry-led initiative to boost training programs. Obama says the initiative could help prepare 500,000 community college students for careers in manufacturing. NAM official welcomes Obama administration endorsement of Skills Certification System, NAM Press Release, June 8, 2011 Washington Wire: Obama to launch manufacturing initiative, by Jared A. Favole, Wall Street Journal, June 8, 2011 (Subscription) Obama expands training for manufacturing, Youngstown Business Journal, June 9, 2011

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